My Invention


Hi I’m Sarah, a professional make-up artist and lecturer. During my time working in television and the theatre, you can imagine how many chats I have had about make-up and beauty! A common question was how do you paint your nails without spilling it all over the carpet or bed? When I did some research, I was surprised that there wasn’t a good product on the market already.


So, I came up with this idea as a solution.


The Pink Puff Nail Varnish Holder keeps any size bottle firmly in place. Being lightweight means it fits in your handbag so you can paint your nails on the go. Not many people have time to sit and leisurely paint their nails. So now all you busy people can paint them on the train or bus on the way to work.


The feedback so far has been amazing – a simple solution to a common problem.


The Future


Now that I have one product under my belt, the next step is to have a range of professional quality beauty tools. A one stop shop where you can buy tools that have been tried and tested by me.


People always ask me where to buy good quality brushes and how to clean them, so this will be first on my list. There will be simple and easy tutorials about which brush does what and how to create easy but effective make-up looks.


If you join the mailing list, I will keep you up to date with all the new products as they arrive.


Thanks for looking and have fun shopping!